Authorized Rescuer

Authorized Rescuer

Course Duration: 2-Days/16 Hours
Certification Valid For: 2 Years

The course is designed to teach the climber what to expect in an emergency and how to properly react and recover from an emergency. We recommend bringing your descent device to train on the exact equipment you will be using.

Course content includes a review of OSHA, ANSI, and NFPA (rescue) standards, an extensive PPE inspection, the medical effects of being suspended & immobile, and self-rescue techniques. Ropes & Knots are also reviewed and learned for the specific needs in a rescue and having a second human attached to the line. Authorized Rescuer also covers victim lowering and mechanical advantage, tandem rescue, and team situational rescues which use techniques taught in class.

A written exam is part of the course and requires a minimum score of 80% to pass. A wallet card and certificate are issued upon successful completion.

This course is the first step in becoming a Competent Rescuer. The last steps achieved at your company are being designated capable of implementing, supervising, and monitoring a rescue at height and will also have the responsibility to implement the site rescue plan. Once your company attest to the last two requirements, CITCA will issue a Competent Rescuer wallet card. The AR certification is valid for two years.


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