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Our training and certification programs are the best in the industry for training professionals in arenas including telecommunications, wind, construction, bridges and tunnels, oil and gas, government, and more.

Our Services

Recognized Industry safety and training experts. OSHA Compliance professionals. Unparalleled expertise in your corner, when you need it most.


CITCA safety & health training programs are led by industry safety professionals who have the knowledge and experience to provide quality training and services for all of your needs.


In addition to regularly working with trained OSHA personnel across the nation, the diverse backgrounds of the CITCA team provides you with the resources to attain compliance with OSHA, ANSI, NWSA, and other regulatory agencies.


CITCA‘s subject matter experts can help you through the most challenging investigations. We put subject matter expertise in your corner to represent you, advise you, and make sure your rights are protected.


Members of the CITCA staff have served as safety managers for construction projects in the telecommunications, wind, healthcare, and manufacturing industries. Many of our staff have served as trial experts, and have testified in numerous liability and workman’s compensation cases nationwide.


CITCA’s Safety Gap Analysis provides an in depth assessment of your company’s safety and health programs, identifying flaws that could result in injury or illness to workers, and leave you compromised during an investigation.


From enhancements of your existing safety and health program to creating a user defined program specific to your company and needs, CITCA’s EHS services keep you compliant with the latest regulations and standards.


CITCA’s aerial photography services are available nationwide, using drone cameras to examine your site from key angles and identify potential issues and hazards without putting employees at risk in the process.

At CITCA, our top priority is to help you create a safer workplace by providing our clients with the the most realistic training possible in the most cost effective manner. While others offer similar programs and services, we believe in raising the bar and exceeding standards and expectations by:

  • Providing training that goes much more in depth and is much more competency based than many of our competitors.
  • Creating best practices in training that other companies emulate in their own training.
  • Employing instructors are who are the “best of the best” in the industry. The CITCA team is made up of trained professionals, qualified in a variety of areas of expertise including regulatory compliance, vertical rescue, renewable energy, telecommunications, construction and more.
  • Providing training that doesn’t take a “cookie cutter” approach. We develop our programs and services to meet our client’s unique needs and skill levels, and we structure training that is realistic to the industry.

At CITCA, we share a common goal: To provide every student and client with the knowledge and skills to work safely, and to make sure everyone goes home at the end of the day.

Thank you for entrusting us with your safety.

Steve Wilder,
President &COO

Jocko Vermillion,
Vice President of Operations


Authorized Climber

Designed for the new climber or those experienced but not yet certified. Content covers rules, regulations and standards set forth by OSHA, ANSI and NATE; PPE types, wear, use, and inspection; a hazard assessment and preparation when working at height.

Authorized Rescuer

The course is designed to teach the climber what to expect in an emergency and how to properly react and recover from an emergency. CITCA will provide a rescue kit that includes multiple descent/rescue devices. We recommend bringing your descent device to train on the exact equipment you will be using.

OSHA Relations/Compliance

In addition to regularly working with trained OSHA personnel across the nation, the diverse backgrounds of the CITCA team provides you with the resources to attain compliance with OSHA, ANSI, NWSA, and other regulatory agencies.

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The CITCA Difference

CITCA standards for training exceed anyone else in the industry. We create best practices that other companies emulate in their own training. We provide the most comprehensive, trusted methods in the industry for personal protective equipment selection, inspection, and use; proper techniques for vertical rescue; fall protection; wind turbine, telecommunications towers, rooftop, rigging, and more.

If you’re not currently working with CITCA, it’s likely you’re not getting your full return on investment for your company’s training needs. We strengthen your safety and training program while saving you money.