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About Us

CITCA standards for training exceed anyone else in the industry. Our training remains consistent with current industry safety standards for personal protective equipment (PPE) selection, inspection and use; proper techniques for safe climbing, vertical rescue, fall protection, wind turbine, telecommunications towers, rooftop, rigging, and more.

Our Mission

We at CITCA recognize the critical importance of safety and training. It is our mission to:

  • Collaborate with government, industry, safety, technical and educational organizations to provide unparalleled safety training.
  • Provide vital leadership in establishing safety training for the wireless communication, construction, and alternative energy industries.
  • Offer affordable, and superior industry specific safety and technical training.
  • Establish competency based safety training programs that exceed all governmental standards and guidelines.
  • Assist in reducing and/or eliminating serious and fatal accidents in the workplace, by providing safety and technical training that meets or exceeds regulatory and industry standards.

Meet the Team

Steve Wilder | President and COO

Steve has spent over 30 years as a safety professional, and works extensively with not only the wireless industry, but also with construction, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Under his leadership, CITCA, LLC has doubled in size over the past six years, and has become a nationally recognized leader for safety consulting and training services for the tower erection and construction industries. Steve is an experienced trial expert, and has consulted for law firms and insurance companies on cases of workplace violence, wrongful death, and injury and dismemberment cases.

A member of the Safety and Education Committee of the National Association of Tower Erectors (NATE), Steve has also worked closely with the National Retail Marketing and Construction Association, with the American Society for Healthcare Risk Management, as well as with the National Fire Protection Association and the American Society of Safety Engineers.

In addition to his role with CITCA, Steve has spent his entire career in safety and training, including 35 years in the fire service, and 25 teaching at the state fire academy at the University of Illinois.

He is the author of two books, and writes safety articles for several trade journals, including his periodic articles in the NATE Tower Times magazine. In February 2017, Steve and Jocko Vermillion (Vice-President of CITCA) were co-recipients of the annual NATE Distinguished Service Award for their contributions and dedication to worker safety in the tower erection industry.

Jocko Vermillion | Vice President of Operations

With over 30 years of construction safety experience, Jocko Vermillion is a nationally recognized expert in construction safety and compliance. Prior to joining CITCA, Jocko served for 10 years as a Compliance Safety and Health Officer (CSHO) with the United States Department of Labor – Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA). During that time, he investigated over 100 fatal construction accidents, served as a subject matter expert in countless hearings, and provided testimony on construction safety issues to the United States Congress. During his tenure at OSHA, Jocko earned national recognition for his expertise in tower erection safety.

Sharon Allen | Sales Manager

Sharon Allen serves as Sales Manager for CITCA through Safety Solution Resources, where she is the CEO. Since joining the CITCA sales team in 2007 as an independent contractor, Sharon has become a familiar, trusted figure among clients nationwide. She is well known throughout the industry for her commitment to customer satisfaction and quality outcomes. That same commitment makes her a logical network partner for CITCA. Since joining our team, Sharon’s talent, credibility, expertise, and drive have all been driving forces behind CITCA’s continued growth. Sharon is a recognized and respected face at NATE and other trade conferences.

Steve Trnka | Director of Training & Curriculum

Steve Trnka, Curriculum Coordinator, has worked with CITCA for 8 years, serving clients in the telecommunication, solar and wind industries. He is one of CITCA’s most sought after instructors thanks to his expertise in rescue techniques and systems. He joined CITCA after 17 years in the fire service, where he served as lead instructor and member of the Technical Rescue Team.
Since joining our team, Steve has instructed, reviewed and continues to keep the CITCA program up to current trends and changes in technology.

Steve is a certified Rope Rescue Technician with the Illinois State Fire Marshall, a licensed Emergency Medical Technician Paramedic, as well as an Instructor III providing the education behind formulation of courses, exams and hands on experience. Steve has been a speaker for NATE, has been published in Tower Times magazine, and was the 2005 recipient of ‘Outstanding Rescue’ for job performance.

Meet Our Instructors

Rob Plummer | Field Instructor

Rob Plummer has been a field instructor with CITCA for nine years, serving clients in the general industry, telecommunication, wind and solar industries. His expertise in rescue systems and rigging instruction make him one of CITCA’s most sought after instructors. Rob is also a member of the fire service, serving as a Division Leader and member of the Central Illinois Technical Rescue Team.

Rob is a certified rope rescue technician through the Illinois State Fire Marshall, a licensed Emergency Medical Technician-Paramedic. He is Confined Space And Competent Rigger certified through the Illinois State Fire Marshal. Rob currently teaches with University of Illinois Fire Service institute as well as Lakeland Community college.

Rob holds a Bachelor of Arts in Applied Science from Eastern Illinois University and has performed in emergency/disaster locations throughout Illinois.

Don McMasters | Field Instructor

Don McMasters has been a field instructor with CITCA for 7 years serving clients in the telecommunication, wind, solar and general industries. His tremendous expertise in rescue system components and techniques has been a vital asset to our clients. He is in his 26th year as a member of the fire service industry, where he serves on a Central Illinois Technical Rescue Team. He has been deployed to multiple small and large-scale disasters throughout Illinois. Don is a certified rope rescue technician with the Illinois State Fire Marshal and a licensed Illinois Emergency Medical Technician as well as a Confined Space Rescue Technician and has been a speaker for NATE. Don holds two Associate Degrees from Parkland Community College and Danville Area Community College in both Applied Science and Fire Service Technology specializing in technical rescue.

Elliot Kraft | Field Instructor

Elliot Kraft is the newest addition to the CITCA field staff. Elliot comes to us as a rescue technician in the fire service as well as an experienced tower hand, making it easy for Elliot to relate our program as it applies to the industry. Elliot is certified through the Illinois State Fire Marshal as a rope rescue technician as well as being a licensed Illinois paramedic.

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