RF Safety and Site Safety Awareness

RF Safety and Site Safety Awareness

Course Duration: 1 Day/8 Hours
Certification Valid For: 2 Years

This class will discuss the safety features necessary for the protection of the technician working in an RF environment, help recognize hazards and taking steps to minimize the risk to the worker.  These include measurements to evaluate the effectiveness of RF controls; to ensure proper maintenance of RF radiating equipment; to develop work practices to minimize exposures; to obtain information to be used in training workers regarding their potential hazards and how they are controlled; to identify “RF Hazard” zones and other areas requiring signs and training; to determine the need for medical surveillance; as an alternative or enhancement of Lockout/Tagout procedures; to evaluate the effectiveness of RF personal protective equipment; and as a periodic audit of the effectiveness of the RF Protection Program.

Every job related accident can be traced back to one of two factors: unsafe acts (human) or unsafe conditions (environmental) The Site Safety portion of the class focusses on job site safety; looks at accidents caused by both of these factors, and “lessons learned” from these accidents. It also looks at safety short-cuts, and the critical outcomes that come about as the result. They will familiarize the student with the recommended signage to be utilized on most communications related job sites and equipment to assure personnel and equipment safety.

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